Hohenstein-Ernstthal – Where Karl May Was Born

Altmarkt 41
09337 Hohenstein-Ernstthal
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The major town of Hohenstein-Ernstthal is not only famous internationally because of its most renowned resident, the author Karl May – it is also a mecca for motor sports fans as it is situated next to the world-famous Sachsenring racing circuit. Thousands of visitors enjoy breath-taking hours at high-quality motor sports events like the Moto GP every year. The Sachsenring circuit also provides people with an opportunity to race round the course while participating in safety training at the road traffic safety centre – and practise their safe driving skills at the same time.


The life and works of the adventure author Karl May is highlighted at the varied exhibition at Karl May House, the place where he was born in 1842. Of course, it is then quite natural to walk round the Karl May circular route pursuing his adventurous tracks.

The "Buntes Holz" post inn and various viewing points like the Heidelberg Tower, which provides people with a magnificent view of the Erzgebirge Mountains, are just some of the other sights to be enjoyed in Hohenstein-Ernstthal.


The traditional miners’ "Glück Auf" greeting is still used in this little town, which is dominated by Erzgebirge traditions, and it bears testimony to the old history of mining in the region, which continued for hundreds of years. But ore mining was not the only line of business. Linen weaving was established here in the 16th century and it was followed by stocking knitting a short time later – the permanent and special exhibitions at the “Textile and Motor Racing Museum” bear witness to this.

When strolling through the town, you should not miss taking a break at the “Postgut” inn right on the market square. After a meal in the unique atmosphere of this historical building, you can enjoy the exhibition of Erzgebirge folk art in the “Buntes Holz” museum on the upper floor.


The cycle tracks and footpaths round Hohenstein-Ernstthal also encourage people to go on cycling tours or long walks. You get a magnificent view of the Erzgebirge Mountains from many viewing points, including the Heidelberg Tower.

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