The Town of Limbach-Oberfrohna – Come to LO

Rathausplatz 1
09212 Limbach-Oberfrohna
Tel. 03722 78430

Visitors to this Saxon town are welcomed by charming late 19th century buildings, middle-class houses and idyllic country-style cottages.

The attractive townscape is supplemented by the magnificent natural surroundings with ponds, many parks and green areas. One of the most beautiful zoos in Saxony can be found in Limbach-Oberfrohna’s town park, for example.


Wolkenburg castle, which is located in the Wolkenburg district of Limbach-Oberfrohna, provides a unique cultural historical collection of particular beauty with one of the most beautiful and distinctly neo-Classical village churches in Saxony, the St. Mauritius Church, the castle park designed in an English style with its unique collection of Lauchhammer iron art sculptures and the old village church.  Families with children can use the adventure playground beside the Zwickauer Mulde river to let off some steam and play after visiting the castle or go on a restful walk along the river.


Limbach-Oberfrohna consisted of three farming villages approx. 300 years ago: Limbach, Oberfrohna and Rusdorf. Rural structures gradually gave way to industrial ones; they made their way to Limbach-Oberfrohna when Johann Esche reproduced the manual knitting frame. A strong industrial sector developed from this, which left behind many residential estates and factory buildings – which testify to the town’s turbulent economic upturn.
The hosiery knitting industry declined after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

But Limbach-Oberfrohna has developed very positively over the last few years too – upward trends have not just occurred in the industrial and commercial sectors – the leisure sector has also achieved a great deal and has made a huge contribution to the quality of life in Limbach-Oberfrohna. The modernisation of many cultural and sports sites, like the Limbomar leisure and family pool, and an increasingly broad range of cultural activities, including the many functions at the event centre, draw many enthusiastic and content visitors to Limbach-Oberfrohna every year.

Veranstaltungen (Auszug)

23.02.20 - 14:00 - Parkschänke

07.03.20 - 09:00-12:00 - Stadtbibliothek
Tag der offenen Tür mit Buchverkauf und Bastelstation für Kinder

25.03.20 - 19:00 - Parkschänke
Vortrag Dr. Arne Drews: Als Arzt in Nepal

bis 01.05.20 - Rathaus
Ausstellung "Meine Heimat - Meine Stadt"

09.05.20 -
Bürgerfest mit Maibaumsetzen

23.05.20 - 13:00-18:00 -
Der neue Limbacher Marktlauf 20+6

02.06.20 -
Kinderfest im Stadtpark

13.06.20 -
Musik im Park

bis 19.07.20 -

12.09.20 - 09:00-18:00 -
Familientag und Bauernmarkt

bis 06.12.20 - Rathaushof