The Road Safety Training Centre at the Sachsenring

Am Sachsenring 2
09353 Oberlungwitz
Tel. 03723 65330

The Road Safety Training Centre at the Sachsenring

Learning by experience – is how men and women can practise how to handle difficult traffic situations properly and calmly at the Sachsenring circuit. Both beginners, experienced car drivers and motorcyclists and sports drivers or even bus and lorry drivers will find ideal conditions in order to get to know and avoid dangerous situations on the practice course that is equipped with the latest technology. Wet skid pans, electronically controlled water obstacles, a circuit that can be made completely wet and speed monitoring equipment with large displays provide the best conditions for safety training at a high level at one of the largest and most modern road safety centres in Europe. The multi-facetted and varied courses teach participants how to get to know and master their vehicle and know its limits.

The road safety training centre provides various facilities for you to hold your own special event at the multi-functional centre for between 10 and several hundred people; the team at “Beierleins Cafeteria und Boxenstopp” will look after the catering for you and your guests.