Zwickau – the Automobile and Robert Schumann City

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Tourists from Germany and abroad love the feel-good flair of the fourth largest city in Saxony. The historical old city with its carefully restored Art Nouveau and Wilhelminian style buildings is a feast for the eyes and encourages people to wander around and do their shopping in a stress-free environment. Restaurants and hotels that reflect the region or are of an extremely high quality guarantee that people will enjoy themselves, relax and find ideal starting conditions for adventure trips.

Automobile history was written here in 1904: August Horch made Zwickau world-famous. Milestones in automobile history come to life in the museum named after Horch, which is housed in buildings dating back to the origins of AUDI AG. Brand names like Horch, Audi, DKW, Auto Union, Trabant and VW are a must for car fans.

Music fans from all over the world know Zwickau as the birth place of the composer Robert Schumann (1810 – 1856). The Robert Schumann Centre provides information about him and his wife, the pianist Clara Schumann, née Wieck (1819 – 1896). The museum is home to the world’s largest collection with more than 4,000 original manuscripts.

The city’s most prominent orientation point is St Mary’s Cathedral, the most elaborate Late Gothic building in Upper Saxony. It dominates the cityscape at 89 metres high and provides an excellent all-round view. The cathedral is home to the Wolgemut altar. It is one of the largest and most significant in art history terms in the whole of Saxony and is more than seven metres wide. The Priests’ Houses are also located in the cathedral courtyard. They are some of the oldest residential buildings in Eastern Germany and are a Saxon cultural memorial of the highest value.

The houses’ historical collections reflect the former silver mining and the later coal mining activities.

The Johannis swimming pool provides a special atmosphere in Art Nouveau and Neo-Gothic style with a touch of oriental sauna and swimming culture. It has health and life-boosting activities on offer. The long-standing “Neue Welt” concert house and ballroom is also a place to see and experience. It has one of the most beautiful and largest event hall in Saxony built in Art Nouveau style.

Veranstaltungen (Auszug)

24.+25.10.17 - IHK Chemnitz, Regionalkammer Zwickau
21. Internationaler Jahreskongress der Automobilindustrie in Zwickau

25.10.17 - 09:00 - Hauptmarkt

Jeden letzten Mittwoch im Monat präsentieren verschiedene Händler, Landwirte und Gärtner ihre Produkte.

04.11.17 - 16:00-24:00 - Stadtteil Marienthal
Marienthaler Fackelzauber

07.11.17 - 16:30-18:00 - Salon Konzert- und Ballhaus "Neue Welt"
Puppenspielkurse für Kinder ab 6 oder 11 Jahren

11.11.17 - 28.02.18 - Eisareal Platz der Völkerfreundschaft
Zwickauer Eiszauber

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12.11.17 - 17:00 -
"Orgel plus"

14.11.17 - 16:30-18:00 - Salon Konzert- und Ballhaus "Neue Welt"
Puppenspielkurse für Kinder ab 6 oder 11 Jahren

17.11.17 - 17:30 - Touristinformation
Stadtführung "Zwickauer Stammtisch Geschichte(n)"

Humorvolle & interessante Geschichten über ehemalige Zwickauer Wirtshäuser

18.11.17 - 15:00 - Touristinformation
Stadtführung "Sprudelnde Erfindungen"

Eine Führung entlang der Wasserspiele der Zwickauer Innenstadt

21.11.17 - 16:30-18:00 - Salon Konzert- und Ballhaus "Neue Welt"
Puppenspielkurse für Kinder ab 6 oder 11 Jahren

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