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The Garden Town of Glauchau

Markt 1
08371 Glauchau
Tel. 03763 65100 Fax 03763 2555

The major town on Glauchau is embedded in the attractive countryside between the Zwickauer Mulde valley and the Erzgebirge Mountains.

Viewed from above, Glauchau is a town located in green areas. Many well tended parks dominate the garden town’s overall appearance.

But this was not always the case. Before the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, Glauchau was an industrial town; it has now developed from a factory site to a modern small town with a future and many cultural highlights after the political upheaval – it is now a cultural centre for the Zwickau tourism region.

Glauchau can look back on more than 750 years of history. The town hall, which had to survive many fires in the course of time and was finally given its current shape in 1818, is located on the market square in the centre of the town. It is well-known, particularly for the glockenspiel made of Meissen porcelain – an attraction for your ears, which you really should not miss.

The Bismarck Tower is the town’s landmark. It is 46 metres high and is used as a water and viewing tower.

Several cultural centres provide a varied programme for every visitor – e.g. the Forderglauchau and Hinterglauchau double castles, an architectural unique feature in Saxony. They are home to the museum and the art collection, the "art gluchowe" gallery, the library and the music school with its concert hall. The Silbermann organ in St George’s Church provides musical delights. The town’s theatre regularly stages events and guest performances of many different kinds.

Veranstaltungen (Auszug)

26.08.17 - 8:00-16:00 Uhr - Marktplatz
Markt "Köstliches Glauchau"

15.09.17 - 18:00-22:00 Uhr -
Herbststernennacht in der Innenstadt

23.09.17 - 14:00 - Treff: Schlossplatz, Zufahrt Schloss
Führung im Villenviertel Glauchau am Zeitsprungtag

Dauer: 2 Std., 5 €/Person

Anmeldung über

14.10.17 - Schlosshof Forderglauchau

14.10. - 22.10.17 - Kirche St. Georgen
Festwoche 475 Jahre Reformation

mit Andachten, Gottesdiensten, Ausstellungen, Vorträgen und Konzerten

29.10.17 - Sachsenlandhalle
Glauchauer Herbstlauf

Infos & Anmeldung unter

04.+05.11.17 - Sachsenlandhalle

18.11.17 - 9:00-12:00 Uhr - Sachsenlandhalle
Jobbörse für Ausbildungs- und Arbeitssuchende der Arbeitsagentur und der weberag