Bernsdorf in the Ore Moutains

Hauptstraße 170
09337 Bernsdorf
Tel. 037204 7650
Fax 037204 76519

Bernsdorf with its districts of Hermsdorf and Rüsdorf, which are what are known as long villages, is located at the foot of the Erzgebirge Mountains, in the green valleys of the Berns and Lungwitz streams. The parish was established in 1286 and still stretches along the Bernsbach stream as a typical single road village.


A business park has been set up in Hermsdorf and the immediate proximity to the Sachsenring racing circuit and the new road transport safety centre provides ideal conditions for commercial companies.


The infrastructure and the communal buildings have been continually redeveloped so that the parish has a fresh and attractive appearance.

Not only have new, pleasant residential areas been created and expanded, but recreational areas too. They are becoming more and more attractive as a result of their favourable links to the cycling and footpath network in the Zwickau tourism region.

The town’s landmark is the church dating back to the Middle Ages with its characteristic pointed tower that is 46 m high. The memorial to those who lost their lives in the First World War has been restored in Hermsdorf and the surrounding area has been redesigned.


The parish has changed radically since 1990. After the decline of the local textile industry and the downturn in the agricultural sector, the serious cuts have been increasingly compensated for by medium-sized companies, tradesmen’s firms and trading companies.