Parish of Callenberg

Rathausstr. 40
09337 Callenberg
Tel. 03723 699960

The parish of Callenberg is located in attractive countryside in the foothills of the Erzgebirge Mountains. It is composed of seven districts: Callenberg, Falken, Grumbach, Langenberg, Langenchursdorf, Meinsdorf and Reichenbach, which can all look back on a long and independent history. The parish was created as part of the Free State of Saxony’s second local government reform in January 1999.


The region attracts many swimming fans and campers every year, who can relax and recover at the recreation area near the “Oberwald” reservoir. The lake was created in a former nickel ore mining area, which is typical of this region. Another abandoned mining area is now a nature reserve and a delight to many nature-lovers as a result of its rare flora and fauna.

The highest point in the parish of Callenberg is the “Langenberger Höhe”. It provides people with a magnificent view over the whole region as far as the lowlands near Leipzig.

The parish is adorned by a variety of old farm buildings grouped around a courtyard, some of which are now guest houses. So there is nothing to stop people enjoying a relaxing family holiday on a farm.

Tourists can easily reach beautiful natural sights on the well marked footpaths, which have several display boards and pleasant relaxing areas and hiking huts. One example would be the “Rabensteiner Wald/Oberwald landscape conservation area” with the “Karl May cave” the “Langenberger Höhe” and the “Oberwald reservoir” recreation area.

An architectural heritage delight has been preserved and maintained in the district of Langenchursdorf – the village church. It was built in Romanesque style in 1202 and is still well preserved today. Next to it, there are farmsteads of Rhine/Franconian origins and several mills to see. St. Katharine’s Church in Callenberg is also an imposing sight.

A new village square with a well was built at the heart of the parish in 2001. The well illustrates the person who was probably the region’s most famous deporter of princes – the infamous knight Kunz von Kaufungen.

The Reichenbach cultural meeting centre was opened in 2000 and extends the cultural leisure facilities in the parish of Callenberg.


There are outstanding transport links through the motorways nearby.

And there are good bus services to the major district towns of Glauchau, Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Limbach-Oberfrohna and the pottery town of Waldenburg.


Come and see the attractive districts for yourself!