Glück Auf in Gersdorf

Hauptstraße 192
09355 Gersdorf
Tel. 037203 9190

Gersdorf is located between the cities of Chemnitz and Zwickau in the green valley of the Hege stream. The settlement of the Hege stream valley by Franconian farmers began in the 12th century and they built a linear, long-lot village here. The houses were built on both sides of the stream at irregular distances on flood-free ground. The parish of Gersdorf flourished in the 19th century on account of coal mining and this continued until the start of the Second World War.

The town’s landmark and historical monument is St. Mary’s Church, which was built in 1865 and has a valuable Jehmlich organ.


One particular cultural attraction in the town with its idyllic setting is the “Hessenmühle”, a former four-sided farm at the heart of the town. The mill houses the “Tetzner Museum”, a museum in honour of the nationally significant painter and graphic artist, Heinz Tetzner, who was born in Gersdorf. It also has rooms for the model railway club and the art and culture association. Regular cultural events make the town a special attraction.

The “Glückauf Brewery” is well-known and very popular in the region and guided tours here include a taste of the liquid bread!


The summer pool in Gersdorf is great for people to cool down and enjoy themselves. It is one of the most attractive outdoor pools in the region and is the venue for the swimming festival with races for different age groups every year with its modern circulating pump and the spacious outside facilities.


The school museum, which has been set up in the school at Gersdorf and shows an historical classroom, impresses visitors with a glimpse of educational methods dating back to past times.

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