Natural History and Town Museum in Waldenburg

Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
08396 Waldenburg
Tel. 037608 22519
Fax 037608 16060

The natural history museum in Waldenburg is one of the oldest museums of its kind in Germany and exhibits a significant collection of art works and curiosities left behind by the Linck chemist family.

The museum, which was founded by Prince Otto Victor I. of Schönburg – Waldenburg (1785-1859) in 1840, was a public institution from the outset, as the founder determined that “the establishment of a natural history museum with a library should provide a new means of increasing enlightenment and intelligence and some stimulus for the natural history world.” Prince Otto Victor I. had the building, which is now used as the museum, constructed in 1845/6. The lower floor is now the town museum. The upper floor has housed the natural history museum from the outset. The exhibition, which has been left in its original state with its historical glass cases and more than 8,000 items, takes visitors back to the time when the museum was founded more than 160 years ago and is a kind of “museum within a museum”. Visitors can enjoy natural history exhibits, rare items, fossils and minerals, astronomical instruments, mummies and much more from the natural history and unusual collection of the Linck chemist family (1638-1717). Exhibits of pottery and the municipal history are on display in the town museum.

Opening times:

Tue - Fri 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Sat/Sun/bank holidays 9.30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Open on Mondays too during school holidays in Saxony!

Last admission one hour before closing time.

Admission prices:

Adults: € 3

Children aged 3 and upwards/reduced rates*: € 2

Groups: adults: € 2.50; reduced rate*: € 1.50


Guided tour: € 10 (school classes € 5)

Veranstaltungen (Auszug)

18.07.20 - 14:00 - Museum-Naturalienkabinett
Happy Birthday – 350 Jahre Leipziger Linck-Sammlung

24.07.20 - 21:00 - Museum-Naturalienkabinett
Taschenlampenführung für Groß und Klein

08.08.20 - 21:00 - Museum-Naturalienkabinett
Taschenlampenführung für Groß und Klein