Lichtenstein – the Town in a Green Belt

Badergasse 17
09350 Lichtenstein
Tel. 037204 61430

"The town in the green belt" at the foot of the Western Erzgebirge Mountains rightly bears this attractive title, for the huge amount of greenery in its parks and adjacent lush woods is very striking.

Lichtenstein was probably set up by the lords of Schönburg in the 13th century. The town developed thanks to the protection afforded by the fortress built in the 12th century and the old military and trading route passed very close to its. Lichtenstein owes its enormous growth to this location. But it also had to face harsh setbacks. They include many town fires, the effects of the Thirty Years War and the plague. But the town recovered quickly in the period of industrial prosperity.

The name Lichtenstein comes from the saying “the light town”, which was first used in official records in 1212. Count Otto Wilhelm von Schönburg-Lichtenstein initiated the construction of a new town and gave it the name Callnberg in 1708 – it was supposed to recall the name of his wife, who died at an early age. Callnberg was an independent town until 1902. But it has been part of Lichtenstein since 1994 – as has the independent parish of Rödlitz since that time. Lichtenstein is joined by Bernsdorf and St. Egidien in the administrative partnership called “Rund um den Auersberg” (round the Auersberg).

The town centre attracts many visitors to its shopping streets and the many well-tended green areas draw people seeking recreation from near and far.

It is also possible to go on a cultural journey in this town – either at the Daetz Centre, the world’s unique centre for international wood sculptures, or in the mini-world nearby, where people of all ages can discover the Eiffel Tower right next to the White House. The dolls and toys museum, the coffee pot museum in Heinrichsort or Lichtenstein’s town museum all have many surprises for their guests.

Lichtenstein is a charming and appealing little town with a sense of flair and it is no accident that its motto is ... energetic and cosmopolitan.
Find out for yourself!

Veranstaltungen (Auszug)

06.03.20 - 16:30 - Stadtbibliothek
C "Der Riese Knurr" von Heinz Janisch und Astrid Henn

15.03.20 - 14:30 - Prinz-Heinrich-Str. 35, Heinrichsort
91. Museumskaffeeklatsch: Kaffee, Kuchen, Musik und Vorträge - "Geschichten aus der Gaststätte Zur Krone Heinrichsort"

19.03.20 - 19:30 - Stadtbibliothek
Lesung mit Thomas Meyer "Wolkenbruchs waghalsiges Stelldichein mit der Spionin"

03.04.20 - 16:30 - Stadtbibliothek
Bilderbuchkino „Hase Hibiskus und der Möhrenklau“

20.04.20 - 18:30 - Restaurant Parkschlösschen
Zusammenkunft und Vortrag „Böhmische Wege – von wegen des Salzes“

30.04.20 - 18:00 - Grundschule Rödlitz

08.05.20 - 16:30 - Stadtbibliothek
Bilderbuchkino „Ein Garten für alle“ von Laura Bednarski

14.05.20 - Stadtbibliothek
Saisoneröffnung „Natur?... Natürlich“

13.+14.06.20 - Neumarkt/Seminarplatz
26. Rosenfest