inTours Aktiv – Individual Guided Cycle Tours

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Discover the Zwickauer and Freiberger Mulde rivers, which meet not far from the town of Colditz and then flow into the Elbe as one Mulde river.

All three Mulde river sections are approximately the same length – 100 km.

Experience the Mulde land – it is ideal for hiking, cycling or discovering by kayak or rubber dinghy.


If required, we can arrange your own Mulde cycle tour for you or you can use one of our special offers with a guided tour, sightseeing, food tasting or enjoying a substantial picnic along the way. Carefully selected overnight accommodation rounds off your exciting cycling day in a homely atmosphere. We can also provide suitable bikes for hire for our tours, if necessary.

We will be happy to combine our guided cycle tours with kayak or rubber dinghy trips.

You can follow the idyllic course of the river Mulde with its fascinating embankments from a completely different angle for approx. 2 hours.

The inTOURS accompanying bus will take your bikes to the mooring point and you can then continue your cycling tour without any difficulty. You will discover a great deal about the region and be able to take breaks at many beautiful spots.


… and if you have not yet seen everything in the Mulde land?

Then we warmly invite you to come back again.