Zwickau Rural District – Discover, Experience, Return

Experience what others are dreaming about • You can write your own history as lord of the manor, set speed records or walk along Red Indian tracks in Zwickau Rural District, situated between the Zwickauer Mulde valley and the Erzgebirge Mountains. The variety of fortresses and castles, the natural world with a multitude of different species, extraordinary leisure facilities and original cultural events make the region into an area where dreams come true.

Do some circuits yourself • You can set your own speed record at the “Sachsenring” racing circuit! Race round the track, get into a race taxi as the co-pilot or steer an original tour car round the course – the idea alone makes motor sports fans leap for joy inwardly. Enjoy the unique atmosphere at the Sachsenring when hundreds of thousands of motor sports fans celebrate at the German Grand Prix motor cycling event.

Be lord of the manor for once • You can fulfil this childhood dream here! Follow the trace of thousands of years of Saxon history. The medieval fortresses and castles, which can be used as the romantic backdrop for extraordinary events or unforgettable weddings, are mysterious and shrouded in legends.

Amazing things for people of all ages • The museums and exhibitions in the city and rural district of Zwickau reveal the life, traditions and special features of the region in an impressive manner. They give you impressions of the mentality of the people and their creativity and will awaken memories of your own childhood.

Escape for once • The Zwickau Rural District region will carry you away into a world of dense forests and gently rolling hills, blossoming meadows and rippling streams. You will find that the natural world is intact right down the Mulde valley. All the routes and places have their special charm. Enjoy a beautiful day at our largest local recreation area, the Oberwald reservoir.

Off to adventure land • Visit places where Karl May, the legendary creator of Red Indian and Western heroes, left his mark. Or go on a journey to the seven wonders of the world in miniature at the Lichtenstein Miniwelt. Happiness will sweep over you as you walk round the brewery in Gersdorf – when you say “cheers” at the end.

Welcome to Mill Country • If you want to get an idea of these technical buildings with a long history, you can go on a mill tour according to old traditions. The remaining preserved mills are cared for with specialist knowledge and care. Their residents will provide you with excellent offers related to grinding cereals, baking bread or sawing wood.

You are invited • Celebrating has a long tradition in Zwickau Rural District. There are colourful fairs, festivals dedicated to craftsmanship, but also a variety of modern cultural events like rock concerts, which all provide guests with an interesting mix.



Lankreiskarte Zwickau

Quelle: Landkreis Zwickau; Bearbeitung: R. Klammer