Kirche Franken Meeting and Events Centre

Dorfstraße 6a
08396 Waldenburg
Tel. 037608 27758
Tel. 037608 27759
Fax 037608 27753

Kirche Franken is the ideal meeting and events centre because of its size and central location in the village of Franken and the Mulde valley region between Waldenburg and Wolkenburg. The Neo-Classical church dating back to 1836 – the only Schinkel building in Western Saxony – was saved from decay by the “Kirche Franken e.V.” development association and its use was changed.

Kirche Franken can now be hired for weddings, festivities and private celebrations. Concerts, exhibitions and training events also take place here at regular intervals. It is possible to provide seating for up to 150 people in the meeting and events centre – 30 of them separately in the gallery.

A cultural centre for the region has been created as a result of the utilisation concept that has been prepared.

Opening times: Tours are only possible by arrangement. You will find the dates of events, booking enquiries and other information on the Internet or please phone the centre.