Glauchau Gründel Park

08371 Glauchau
Tel. 03763 2555

The park, which measures about 9.8 hectares, was created as the natural continuation of the castle park. The park has been boosted and designed in a major way by the Glauchau Improvement Association. Under the leadership of the solicitor Ernst Friedrich Grimm, who had lived in Glauchau since 1859 and was also the founder of the association, the Gründel area was upgraded after 1875. Meadows and footpaths were laid out and groups of trees and plants and seats were all integrated.

The Gründel pond forms the central point in the park. A small wooden bridge leads to the island in the middle of the pond. A monument with a water fountain was set up here in 1884 by the owner of the castle mill, Carl Hedrich, in honour of Prince Richard Clemens von Schönburg-Glauchau.

“Neptune” is enthroned at the back part of the Gründel pond. The Baroque fountain figure was made of Rochlitz porphyry for the market fountain in 1758. The fountain was broken up in 1858 and “Neptune” was first moved to the manor gardens.

The water and sea god then moved to the Gründel pond in about 1870/80, where he is still standing on a pedestal.