“Limbacher Teiche” Nature Reserve

09212 Limbach-Oberfrohna
Tel. 03722 78178

The Limbacher Teiche nature reserve is a marshland and therefore unique in southern Saxony. It has made Limbach-Oberfrohna well-known across Germany in specialist circles. The nature reserve situated between the districts of Russdorf, Limbach and Pleissa, covers an area measuring approx. 385 ha. It mainly consists of marsh areas, fens, fish ponds and fields and woods with plenty of undergrowth. The complexity of the Limbach pond area provides a home for many plants and animals. A nature trail located in the Limbach pond area nature reserve stretches for approx. 3.5 km and touches the great pond, the Russdorf wood and Schimmel’s ponds. The variety of amphibians and reptiles – some of which are endangered species in Saxony – the dragonfly fauna and rare plant communities are important.

The rich bird life is particularly notable – many birds use the Limbacher Teiche reserve to breed, pass through or rest. The well-kept town park and zoo are located next to the nature reserve in a harmonious way and provide another attraction for our town.