Glückauf Brewery - the Altes Sudhaus Gersdorf

Hauptstraße 176
09355 Gersdorf
Tel. 037203 91023
Fax 037203 4231

Beer is known as “liquid bread” or “the cool light drink”, the ancient Romans called it “cervisia”, which means something like the “power of the earth” and in Egypt it is known as “heck”. It has been brewed here at the Glückauf brewery in Gersdorf since 1880.  A long-standing brewing tradition and high-quality basic ingredients guarantee the success of Glückauf beers. But the brewery does much more than “just” brew beer. Guided tours “of the beer world” take place regularly for passionate beer drinkers and all those that are interested in this business. An exhibition documents the history of brewing from the past to the current day and visitors are given a glimpse of a long tradition. We will not reveal the complete recipe – but you do not have to miss the tasting sessions – that is a point of honour!


Guided tours on request!