Palace Lichtenstein with an English and French Garden

Schloßallee 2
09350 Lichtenstein
Tel. 037204 585858

The palace with its adjacent English and French garden is now home to the Daetz Centre with its international collection of wood sculpture works.

The English garden with its rich collection of old trees encourages people to enjoy a romantic stroll. The park, which was started in the 18th century, is particularly attractive when the rhododendrons blossom in spring.

The French Garden provides a completely different picture. Rigid shapes with straight lines dominate the style of French horticulture. A water axis divides the garden right down the middle. The garden provides visitors with a variety of different trees, bushes and pretty flowers that blossom at different times.

The Lichtenstein sculpture footpath starts at the palace. Visitors and guests then reach the attractive town centre via the sculpture footpath.