Daetz/Centre in the Castle Palace

Schlossallee 2
09350 Lichtenstein
Tel. 037204 941400

Here tucked away in the Castle Palace in Lichtenstein, you will find one of the most unusual exhibitions in Germany...

Härtelhaus Mülsen Local History Museum

St. Jacober Hauptstraße 170
08132 Mülsen
Tel. 037601 57928

The Härtelhaus is one of the most beautiful preserved timber-frame buildings on the Mülsen plain...

Miniwelt-Sachsen GmbH – family-friendly landscape park

Chemnitzer Straße 43
09350 Lichtenstein
Tel. 037204 72255

Discover the whole world in one day – at the mini-world in Lichtenstein in Saxony...

Glückauf Brewery - the Altes Sudhaus Gersdorf

Hauptstraße 176
09355 Gersdorf
Tel. 037203 91023

Beer is known as “liquid bread” or “the cool light drink”, the ancient Romans called it “cervisia”...

Historical Classroom

Hauptstraße 188 a
09355 Gersdorf
Tel. 037203 9190

An historical classroom, a school museum, which recalls great grandmother’s day, is located on the ground floor of the Erwin-Hartsch school building.

Karl May House

Karl-May-Straße 54
09337 Hohenstein-Ernstthal
Tel. 03723 42159

The house where the most popular Saxon writer Karl May (1842 – 1912) was born has been a memorial museum since 1995...

Hinterglauchau Castle Museum and Art Collections

Schlossplatz 5 a
08371 Glauchau
Tel. 03763 777580

Various exhibitions on the history of the town and castle, the life and work of Georgius Agricola and ...

Natural History and Town Museum in Waldenburg

Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
08396 Waldenburg
Tel. 037608 22519

The natural history museum in Waldenburg is one of the oldest museums of its kind in Germany...

Lichtenstein Town Museum

Ernst-Thälmann-Straße 29
09350 Lichtenstein
Tel. 037204 941399

The museum showcases its exhibits in the town hall cellar building, a listed building in the town centre...

Zwickau City Museums – Art Collections

Lessingstraße 1
08058 Zwickau
Tel. 0375 834510

Permanent exhibition: art from the 15th to 21st centuries...

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